Friday, December 27, 2013

Red Stripe Lager - Jamaica(England) - 29/6/2011

The Low Down. 
This might be a cheat and I’m sorry if it is. I ordered a Red Stripe - Jamaica via the magic of the Internet, and I think instead I got a Red Stripe - Britain. I can't think of 2 more opposite places than the Rastafarian paradise of the Caribbean, and the metropolitan queuing capital of the world.

Red stripe is an old favorite of mine. I don't even like reggae, or hacky sack, but I like a good tropical session beer and Red Stripe is one of the best.

On previous occasions I've’ve had the true stumpy bottled Caribbean version and they aren’t too different but the original and best has one supreme advantage. This.

Packaging: 6/10

They call it the short stubby ugly bottle and I Kind of like it. The British version is "meh"
Refreshment: 9/10
Incredibly refreshing, I'm sure it includes electrolytes as a secret ingredient.
Flavour 7/10:
It’s cold, it’s summer, you are diving with (and hopefully not being fatally wounded by) sting rays. This beer tastes how that would feel.
Alcohol Content: 6/10
4.7%. It will do, you are going to be having quite a few.
Price: 5/10
$5. A little sad that I received the lesser of the 2 products but still not a terrible buy.
Total: 33/50

I only have 2 words to say