Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye - USA - 25/12/2013

The low down:
For the second course this Christmas we plowed on into a full baked dinner that required supreme concentration, both to prepare and to eat. This next beer did not help with that.

Burnt caramels, fruity goodness and the ever present rye flavour, this is amazing stuff. Very different to your usual double IPA that it sits on the shelf with. This is my first rye beer and I can definitely say it won’t be my last. It’s almost peppery and spicy like a good seasoning. It's not too hoppy and it has a serious kick, I'm surprised I was able to continue to bake a ham and baste a turkey.

Bear Republic is a veteran of 25 years of micro-brewing finesse and their back catalog has some serious brew cred. They also build hot rods and top-fuellers, which they hopefully don’t drive after drinking their own brews.

Packaging: 8/10
Digging the hot rod, and the brown bottle does protect the never filtered ale inside.
Refreshment: 6/10
Definitely refreshing, I think it's the rye.
Flavour 10/10
As this is my first rye ale, it sets a precedent. I'll be sure to come back and comment if this should change.
Alcohol Content: 10/10
8%. Do not operate heavy machinery, or a turkey baster.
Price: 8/10
$8.10. A dollar per percentage of ABV seems pretty good to me.
Total: 42/50

So this was on the menu after the duck but before the turkey and the ham. I'd say it would have gone with either, but it really shone with some sharp bitey cheddar, quince paste, and kabana sausage on crackers.