Friday, December 27, 2013

Moondog Selvmordstokt - Australia - 18/12/2013

The low down:
You know you’re in for a treat when NogneO come to town. This wheat porter with sour cherry wine is something entirely different to anything I have ever tried before.

Quoting verbatim from the bottle is likely to be far more entertaining than anything I can come up with. It details that a loose translation of the name is "it is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand." and goes on to quote Haddaway.

As for flavour, the fruit and wheat stand out. With cherry being my favorite fruit, wheat being my favorite beer and Viking being my favorite medieval barbarians, this stuff is right up my alley. There’s a little bit of caramel here, and obviously some chocolate and cherry. Damn, is this one fine beer.

Packaging: 10/10
More Viking warrior art and the lyrics to What is Love.
Refreshment: 8/10
This cannot be drunk quickly, but it is sating my thirst.
Flavour 10/10:
Cherry wheat porter with spice. I don’t think I can put together a more appealing series of words. Maybe boobs beer explosions outer space? Nope.
Alcohol Content: 10/10
7.6% and the weird thing is I can’t seem to taste it.
Price: 8/10
$9.00 .It’s pretty close to Light-force in quality, but it’s only a 330ml bottle, so it loses just a couple of points.
Total: 46/50

It’s late in the evening, I’m watching movies and slowly sipping this delicious collaboration. It’s like everything NogneO touch turns to gold, or something like gold but more delicious. Perhaps this would go well with some cookies.