Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jamieson The beast IPA - Australia - 25/12/2013

The low down:
Merry Christmas!

I don't normally subscribe to Catholic dogma, but there’s something about good food and good drink with family that appeals to me, and the illegitimate birth of the baby Jesus seems like a fine reason to hit the kitchen and the bar.
Jokes about anthropomorphic jaguar rape aside, this beer is hardcore. Dark fruits and caramel with a powerful malty and honey follow through. It's not something you can drink a lot of, but it is incredibly dense in its flavour delivery.

Apparently that density is the result of six shop additions. There is a distinct alcoholic belly warming that comes with a bottle of this beer, but I guess given the bottle art I should have expected that. This beer is spectacular and by spectacular I mean deadly.

Packaging: 9/10
Ziggurats and warriors and the aforementioned man-jaguar.
Refreshment: 6/10
You cannot possibly session this beer.
Flavour 10/10:
Completely stacked with many levels of flavour.
Alcohol Content: 9/10
7%. Here’s that deadly alcohol I was talking about, and you can taste it.
Price: 7/10
$6.30 I think this is OK because of the amount of alcohol and flavour in the bottle.
Total: 41/50

This was matched to the first course of non-denominational holiday eating event. We had Peking duck in mandarin pancakes, and the slightly sweet slightly spicy Hoi Sin set this off like a rocket.

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