Friday, December 27, 2013

Floris Chocolat - Belgium - 5/8/2011

The Low Down:
I realised I hadn't rated a chocolate beer yet and immediately leapt into action. Chocolate and beer go together like Simon and Garfunkel, which is to say, one is far more successful than the other could have possibly imagined in his solo career. I'll let you decide which one is Paul Simon.

The Floris range is a good entry point for those looking to try Lambic-style flavoured beers. Their Kriek and Fraise are 2 other delicious drops I suggest you try if that’s your thing. True Lambic of course are the domain of the beer connoisseur. Matching beer to chocolate is a hoity-toity affair and worth doing with professionals at least once but this beer is like a degustation in a bottle readily accessible for any occasion.

Packaging: 8/10
It’s like a tiny cute bottle of champagne!
Refreshment: 5/10
Refreshing isn’isn't the term I would use, and drinking more than a couple of these would certainly slow you down.
Flavour 10/10:
Did I mention it has actual chocolate in it?
Alcohol Content: 6/10
4.2%. This beer is obviously not designed to knock you out, but a nice alcohol warming can be noticed.
Price: 5/10
$7.00, Probably a touch on the steep side for what it is, but I get to share it with the missus.
Total: 34/50

This is certainly a dessert beer that you won't be drinking this while the sun is up. Ice cream, sorbet, tiny little pastries with custard, and probably waffles, which means it might work with breakfast.

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