Friday, December 27, 2013

Lav Pivo - Serbia - 3/5/2011

The Low Down:

In English, Lav is used to abbreviate ‘lavatory’ so I tried Lav Pivo with some understandable trepidation.

Unfortunately for Lav Pivo it did not play out counter to my expectations. The beer is bland, and I mean really bland. It tastes like carbonation and beer mats from a dive bar at 2 AM on a Wednesday morning.

I had hoped for some really great southeastern European beers, so far no cigar. I am however

cognisant that the export quality is usually rubbish and the good stuff stays at home, so I hold out hope.

Packaging: 8/10
This bottle is a unique and wonderful snowflake, although the clean aesthetic is detracted from by the poor font-colour combination of “1892”.
Refreshment: 2/10
Admittedly this could refresh you, because water can refresh you, and that’s mostly what this tastes like.
Flavour: 1/10
Please see afore-mentioned beer mats.
Alcohol Content: 5/10
5%. Actually a little surprising considering how weak it tastes.

Price: 6/10
$4.20. Which I didn't pay, because Bill came through with the goods.
Total: 22/50

I don’t know what you could eat with this that might save it from the fate it seems destined for.

Perhaps a tablespoon full of jolokia ghost pepper. That way you will either be dead or won’t be able to taste anything.

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