Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Lager - Nigeria - 3/6/14

The low down: 
Nigeria is famous for 2 things. The first is for internet scams telling you that you are lucky enough to inherit the prince's gold, and the second is for being the place where Guinness comes from. Yep, the majority of Guinness in bottles in Australia are Nigerian. This is a good thing, because the water from the Liffey shouldn't be trusted.

Star is a delightful beer. It's citrusy, a little bitter and strong enough to give pause to the 600ml bottle it comes in. No points for naming it though, there are over one trillion* beers called Star in the world. *May or may not be an exaggeration.

Nigerians are rated the highest achieving academically in U.S. universities, and I'm going to call it now, it's the beer.

Packaging: 8/10
Big and bold, and I love the foil neck label.
Refreshment: 7/10
Quite refreshing, though it gets a little hard to drink as it warms up.
Flavour 7/10
Nice subtle flavours together without tasting unbalanced.
Alcohol Content: 7/10
5.1% in damn big bottle, It certainly packs a punch.
Price: 8/10
$9.00 for a 600ml seems quite reasonable.
Total: 37/50

A surprise from the west coast of Africa, well worth a try if you get the chance. I'd like to drink it side by side with Foreign Export Guinness one time to see which I like more. Next time I will drink this with a swan or corgi or what ever it is Princes eat these days.