Monday, June 9, 2014

Kingdom Lager - Tonga - 4/6/14

The low down: 
So I didn't know until I drank this beer that Tonga is a constitutional monarchy, the Kingdom of Tonga. King George Tupou V is Lord and master of around 748 square kilometers of Polynesian paradise, populated by almost as many humpback whales as people.

Apparently you can get this in bottles, but in all my time looking this was the best I could find, and my understanding is that the beer should be much more fresh from aluminium.

Unsurprisingly this tastes a lot like Fiji's Draught lager (no not the bitter) and the overall flavour is of malt and hops in equal balance. with 748km sq. to work with, it's not a bad effort.

Packaging: 6/10
While the tin is good, the design is lacking.
Refreshment: 7/10
Think of it as refrigerant for use in a country where the median year round temperature is 27 Celsius.
Flavour 5/10
Nothing special, but a solid taste of "Beery"
Alcohol Content: 5/10
4.6% The very definition of meh.
Price: 6/10
$7.80 There is a large Tongan population in Australia, so I would expect this to come down over time.
Total: 29/50

In Tonga, and much of the Oceanic region, you eat carbs. Taro, coconut, banana and cassava. I prefer to drink my carbohydrates. This is well suited to a whole mud crab, fried in garlic, ginger and chilli.