Monday, March 14, 2011

TsingTao beer - China 14-3-11

The Low Down:
I drank this every day in China. There it costs around 80 cents for a 750ml bottle. It tastes like water, a little fizzy and then a few hops on the end.

The Bottle is 500 colours, and there is some sort of reference number printed on the bottle lid. It's bottled for Australia, in their Qingdao province facility. You would think if they bottled it for Australia, they would know what we like.

Rainbow bottle aside, it really, really suits Chinese food. Sweet, sour, salty, or spicy. Anyway, the bottle in china is much more demure. While a little watery, it is an excellent beer.

Packaging: 4/10
Rainbow here, regular there. Unfortunate choices made by the bottling plant.
Refreshment: 10/10
An excellent light Asian beer. You can and will enjoy many.
Flavour 8/10:
Very soft and simple. It doesn't try too hard, but it succeeds anyway.
Alcohol Content: 6/10
4.7%. pretty standard.
Price: 8/10
$3.60. Outrageous considering what it costs in China, but that's Australian Duty's and Tariffs for you.
Total: 36/50

Not the best of China, but easily in the top 10, and with one and a half Billion people, It's guaranteed to be available pretty much everywhere. So drink it with a spicy ginger stir-fry, you won't regret it.