Monday, March 14, 2011

Halida - Vietnam 14-3-11

The Low Down:
Vietnam is hot and sweaty, because of this, you need beer, this beer. The competitor, Bivina, doesn't even come close.

From the elegant gold flake on the bottle to the delicious Asian malt and signature bitterness inside. It tastes like Asia smells. Errr that's the rainforest and rice fields, not the motor oil and refuse.

Some may say a typical Asian beer, but it's an Asian beer done well, and I love Asian beers.

Packaging: 6/10
The first beer without a drop shadow on the bottle. Gold, white and red. Classy
Refreshment: 9/10
Refreshing in only the way Asian beers can be. Then again, in 35 degree 100% humidity, anything is refreshing.
Flavour 8/10:
Given all the refreshment, this beer wins at flavour. It's unique among Asian beers in this respect.
Alcohol Content: 6/10
4.5%. Quite weak, but you will need to drink billions of them, so that's not a bad thing.
Price: 8/10
$2.99. About what its worth. It's a reasonable price for a quality beer.
Total: 37/50

A delightful Asian beer. It's even better in Asia, but is well matched to the Asian style of food, and perfect on any hot day.