Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sinha Stout - Sri Lanka 16-3-11

The Low Down:
Sri Lanka is not the sort of place that comes to mind when I think of stout beer. A traditionally heavy and full flavoured style of beer does not seem to match with the continental nature of Sri Lanka.

This looks like Narnia Beer. Aslan is on the label. It's a decadent chocolate mocha flavour, that's so so so smooth. If you tried to pass this off as a frappaccino, I would believe you.

The massive 8% alcohol is hardly noticeable. It smells like toffee, and drinks like it too. There is one spelling mistake on the bottle so I have to deduct a point for that, but in Sri Lanka, "hons" may actually mean hops.

More importantly, my girlfriend, who hates the taste of everything, had a sip of this and said she quite liked it, and it's a stout!

Packaging: 9/10
The Only reason this isn't 10 is the misspelling. Narnian beer!
Refreshment: 10/10
So so sooooo easy to drink, it goes down like a milkshake (which I secretly suspect it is).
Flavour 10/10:
Chocolate, Toffee, everything wonderful with stouts is so pronounced, and the alcohol is barely noticeable. The aftertaste is like golden syrup.
Alcohol Content: 9/10
8.0%. Though you would never guess from drinking it.
Price: 9/10
$4.50 This is amazing. It's the same as my 'on the way to work coffee' price.
Total: 47/50

Ice coffee in alcohol form. This is truly an amazing beer, and the fact that it comes from probably one of the hottest places on earth makes it doubly so. The bottle claims "an extraordinary chocolate mocha liquer like character" and I agree. Extra Ordinary is the way it should be described. Drink this with anything, it will work.