Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St Ambroise Citrouille (The great pumpkin ale) - Canada 22-3-11

The Low Down:
When I was a kid, celebrating Halloween was nothing more than watching a scary movie sometime during October. In Northern America, Halloween is heavily celebrated, and this Autumn (or Fall) beer is a good example of how it invades everything they do.

The bottle is smaller than I expected, after all, pumpkins are huge. But it is an excellent label and everything is in both French and English, so I get to read the blurb about how this beer will "bewitch" me.

The Flavours are all over the shop, kind of like some ginger ale, some pumpkin pie, and a shot of everclear got put in a blender with some hops and some caramel. The result is quite drinkable. A tinge of alcohol flavour matches the theme.
Packaging: 9/10
As you know already orange is my favorite colour and this bilingual bottle is well designed.
Refreshment: 9/10
The complexity of the flavour barely interrupts the need to pour this into your face like it's oxygen.
Flavour 9/10:
Pumpkin, ginger, garden, sugary malt, hols, other parts of the garden, with just a tinge of alcohol.
Alcohol Content: 7/10
5.0% could be a little stronger, but it's actually nice to see a specialty ale that didn't focus on writing you off.
Price: 8/10
$7.90. While steep for the 341ml of 5% beer, this is only brewed once a year, in October, in Canada.
Total: 42/50

If I was in the States or Canada right now, I'd say to drink this in October, when it's fresh for Halloween. Since I'm not and I'm in Australia, our autumn is now, and this is an excellent after dinner beer. Drink it with some Gramma pie (that's a type of pumpkin for the purists) or any baked good desert.