Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cintra Cerveja Pilsen - Portugal 22-3-11

The Low Down:
Taken off guard by the hops after so many lagers recently, my head almost exploded. This beer is bitter like a wife that didn't get custody or alimony in the divorce.

It has a weirdly traditional look about it, The bottle is weirdly shaped and confusing in use of colour. I do like that the wort gravity was included on the bottle, even though if you have % alcohol you can generally tell.

The hoppiness is akin to Urkell, the father of Pilsner style beer, but to a lesser extreme, making this beer far more delicious. There are a few fruity notes on the finish, and they compliment the extremely bitter tang well.

Packaging: 4/10
What's going on here? Typical beer label, but the colours are confusing. There's also a trick to holding the bottle
Refreshment: 9/10
It is very carbonated, and due to combination of Fruity finish after hoppy bitterness, it is an amazingly refreshing beer.
Flavour 10/10:
Went in expecting generic pilsner, was hugely surprised.
Alcohol Content: 5/10
4.8%. An average for alcohol content among pilsners.
Price: 10/10
$2.25. Bought this as a six pack, and the value for money is fantastic.
Total: 38/50

A beer that is a better example of the genre than the one on which it is based. Drink this any time you think you should drink a different pilsner.