Monday, January 11, 2016

Brasserie de Bourbon Blanche - Réunion - 30-06-15

The low down: 
So I'm pretty sure this beer is named for the Queen of Castille, Blanche of Bourbon. Castille was a nation state in the 13th and 14th century where most of Spain is today, and very far from Reunion, which is in the Indian ocean.

Castille went extinct, like the dodo on the bottle, before any people existed on Reunion.

Fun fact: There were no Dodos on Reunion but there was something called the Reunion Ibis. The French probably ate them all because 1. The French will eat anything, and 2. Ibis are allegedly delicious. Unlike this beer.

It's a wit beer without any substance, and only the scarcest hint of citrus or other fruit. Blanche of Bourbon was allegedly crossbowed through the neck by order of her husband Peter the Cruel which was probably only marginally less pleasant than this beer.

Packaging: 1/10
What even. Stubbie, blue, wrong bird, says Bourbon yet isn't Bourbon.
Refreshment: 2/10
It was one of the hottest summers on record in Paris, and this didn't help at all.
Flavour 2/10
Wit's are usually a safe bet when doing this challenge. Now that's all been thrown out the window.
Alcohol Content: 4/10
5% which is acceptable.
Price: 5/10
$5.50 Cheap considering the distance it traveled, but still upsetting given the quality.
Total: 14/50

I mean it has to be ibis right? Since they are now extinct and you will struggle to find one. I think the only logical choice is Tapas. Then you can have a little plate of food and take a sip, realise the beer you have is insipid, and take another little plate of food.