Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monteith's Summer Ale - New Zealand 10-3-11

The Low Down:
Last summer, I drank this beer every day. It is truly the greatest New Zealand beer.

With flavours of ginger, honey and citrus, it is a spectacular summer ale.

This Beer assaults the senses. It is one of my personal all time favorites. It reminds me of a long weekend in June when me and two friends travelled to Christchurch, where we wrote ourselves off, on their entire range.

Monteith's recently re-branded all of their beers, and the design is now excellent. "A fresh bright and lively beer, made with lightly kilned malt and a touch of Rata honey." When you read that, what can I say that would possibly discourage you?

Packaging: 9/10
The redesign has really worked for the brand. All their beers and ciders now look like this. It's almost perfect.
Refreshment: 10/10
Really, coming into my flat with no air-conditioning on a summers afternoon, I can think of few things I would rather pull out of the fridge.
Flavour 9/10:
So diverse, with so many subtle layers. A truly amazing beer.
Alcohol Content: 7/10
5%. Let's be honest, with all of the deliciousness they have managed to fit into this bottle, it's a wonder it has any alcohol at all.
Price: 8/10
$5.10 isn't a lot for this premium ale. Trust me when I say it's worth it.
Total: 43/50

This Ale steps out of the constraints of a standard Ale, and does so with such finesse that it's hard to understand what beer tasted like before you tried Monteith's Summer Ale