Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miller Genuine Draft - U.S.A. 10-3-11

The Import Miller was hard to track down and is the first legally imported beer I've ever found with no alcohol % on it. Since I never drink and drive, alcohol content doesn't really matter to me, but a little bit of research reveals 4.7%, making it perfectly acceptable for the lightweights out there.

Unfortunately Miller Genuine Draft doesn't do much to put aside the reputation of American beers. I've been there, I know they are better than this. If only I could get some Karl Strauss in Australia.

A generic extra hoppy lager with a bitter finish. Ambitiously marketed to the middle-upper class man, but tasting like a construction site lager without any of the character. The slight cherry nose is great, but it doesn't compensate for just how generic this seems.

Packaging: 3/10
The bottle design is like a surprise transvestite. At the top it all looks good, but as you get lower the horror show starts. An attempt to combine the styles of high society and hand crafted that simply does not work.
Refreshment: 5/10
The Fizz makes it slightly better than water. Slightly.
Flavour 3/10:
Generic, generic, generic.
Alcohol Content: 5/10
4.7%. For a mass-produced American beer, this is actually quite good.
Price: 5/10
$4.20 for an import beer, if it was delicious, I might say good value. As it stands, spend your money elsewhere.
Total: 21/50

This is not the worst beer I have ever tasted, but it isn't one I would ask for, given another choice. If I needed something frosty and lubricious, there are circumstances where this beer would be acceptable, but not many.