Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wieckse Witte - The Netherlands 10-4-11

The Low Down:
I cant even pronounce the name of this beer properly. That didn't stop me enjoying it.

A wheat beer with a strange subtle spiciness, this is about as smooth as Wheat beers come. Since I couldn't read the Dutch listing of Ingredients, i got out the trusty translator to discover the secret ingredient was coriander. I am one of those genetically tuned people whocan perceive the aldehydes in cilantro/coriander, making it taste like soap. And I hate it.

Surprisingly in this beer, that soapiness was not altogether unpleasant. and the spiciness of the beer wins through with just the mellowest of lotion flavours.

Packaging: 7/10
Plain and simple, and covered in Dutch sorcery runes.
Refreshment: 10/10
Fresh and zesty, a very refreshing example of an already refreshing beer style.
Flavour 10/10:
Despite the devils herb being noticeable, the beer is quite unique and full of subtle spicy and tangy flavours.
Alcohol Content: 8/10
5.0% you wouldn't want this any stronger, it would take away from the other excellent points.
Price: 7/10
$6.00. A rare beer, but brewed by a part of the Heineken Group, so distribution shoulnt be a problem
Total: 42/50

A fantastic Wheat beer with amazing aromatic layers. This really would match any of the famous European Cuisine's.
Im thinking Sausages, with sauerkraut and onions. just don't put any of the Devil's herb on them.