Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barbar - Belgium 10-4-11

The Low Down:
Strong Belgian ales should be a staple to any beer drinker. Known the world round for lush and exotic flavours. This beer is no exception, though I'm not sure I would praise it as an example of the finese of Belgian brewing.

Honey and alcohol are the flavours that attack your palette in abundance. The honey is soft and smooth the alcohol is strong and warming, leaving a Spirit like warmness in your stomach, but there is a distinct nose of liquor and after-taste to sanitise a hospital. It has a kick like a molested donkey.

The Bottle is awesome in it's design, which seems to be a standard among non standard Belgian beers.

Packaging: 8/10
The Gaul warrior stirs thoughts of Pillaging savages drinking beer across the Belgian plateau.
Refreshment: 7/10
The warm fuzzy feeling after drinking this beer is unmatched. Its like honey schnapps in beer form.
Flavour 7/10:
I love honey, and the sweetness it brings to this beer is wonderful.
Alcohol Content: 10/10
8.0% Oh those crazy Belgians.
Price: 6/10
$6.50. Its a couple of bucks more than your average Belgian strong ale, but honey is expensive. A bee only carries 0.02g of nectar per trip.
Total: 38/50

Conclusion:A nice beer to sample, but don't drink too many. Apart from the fact that you will die, there's only so much heavy duty sickly sweet but burningly alcoholic beverage you can take on in one night. Ask anyone who's been to an Oktoberfest celebration. Drink this with snacks and sweets, it will compliment them superbly.