Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Latitud Cero Helles Export Lager - 2-5-17 - Ecuador

The Low Down: 
Latitude Zero; Middle of the world; I bet it gets hot there. This makes the production of exceptional lagers an effort in engineering and refrigeration. This brew comes courtesy of a project manager at my work, who recently took the trip to Ecuador exclusively to get me one of these beers*. I was terribly disappointed that it is brewed in Cuenca instead of somewhere actually on the equator but I guess it's pretty close, and it's still really warm. The beer is fruity as hell with lots of stone fruit esters which I can only attribute to the climate. Balanced hops are great in lagers, more breweries need this.

*My benefactor had legitimate real world reasons (I think).

Packaging: 8/10
I love this, from the embossing on the bottle to the colour scheme across the range, and the Spanish that I cannot read.
Refreshment: 6/10
It really is refreshing, like a tropical lager but with more stone fruit.
Flavour 8/10
Did I mention stone fruit? Because I don't feel like I mentioned it enough, it is really like a peach. I could eat a peach for hours.
Alcohol Content: 6/10
5.3% And well concealed by the grain bill and hops or maybe also the yeast esters?
Price: 9/10
$2.20 US Dollars. This is from a calculation on the website and is already a great deal. My deal was better.
Total: 37/50

I liked this beer, it was more stone fruit than I have had in a lager, ever. This made it feel like much more than a simple helles. I've never been to Ecuador, but as part of my research for this article I discovered llapingachos, which are literally cheese stuffed hash browns served with satay sauce. I don't even know what life is for anymore.