Saturday, March 22, 2014

European Wrap up 2014

The Low Down:
A meteoric update here. I recently returned from 6 weeks in Europe.

During that time I drank 135 different beers from dozens of breweries across 15 countries.

I was lucky enough to drink Westvleteren 12 in Belgium, spend 2 nights winding my way through the craft brew bars of Rome, and sit in a tiny ruin pub in Budapest drinking Mikkeller, Brewdog and Anderson Valley staples. I figured that rather than list all 135 I would list the true standout and just give them a summary score out of 50.

Černá Hora Borůvka: A Czech Blueberry Beer: 44/50
Szent András Könnye: A Hungarian Black Lager: 45/50
Bastarda Nera: An Italian Chestnut Stout: 48/50
Donker Vader: An Italian Black IPA: 45/50
Trappist Westvleteren 12: A Belgian Quadruppel: 46/50
Mikkeller Black Hole Barrel Aged Peat Whisky: A Danish Imperial Stout. 46/50

I'll write up reviews of the 4 new countries I collected as well but I need to make a quick recommendation for a bar you have to visit. Pictured to the right is Open Baladin, my new favorite bar in Europe. With 45 taps and 600 bottles, all craft, it's incredibly magical.

Whether it was Drinking steins at the Hofbrauhaus (Hitlers local), Franziskaner on a German train, Forsters in a tiny English pub, wild mead in a viking long house, or a Mack at the worlds most northern brewery, there are a million beer experiences to have in Europe. I'll be heading back next year, hopefully for 135 more.